Permanent rich platinum ore
Devious Teesa's trail
2-Mult's trail
fast but deadly circuit 3 laps start on star end line on chest swords: dredge mines be carefull
Permanent rich platinum ore
Die Map wird für Erze und andere Sachen verwendet
Prisoner 1141's trail. This guy sprints. Walking opposite to his direction would be a good idea.
Pour raids des vaines de cuivre, fer mithril argent et or.
Easy circuit 3 laps
Die Map wird für Erze und andere Sachen verwendet
A map to get all 189 skill challenges across Tyria necessary for map completion. Legend Star-Communing/Other Skill Challenges Swords-Combat Skill Challenges Star+Sword-Guarded Communing
Yanonka The Rat-Wrangler's trail. Interact with suspicious rats.
Difficulty: Hard Race type: Point to Point. Race founder and creator: Moxb Validation of race working: Volunteers from Europe Region 1- Peyu Veliki 2- Thief Daredevil 3- M Hawkeye 4- Brain Trained 5- Yokile 6- Nephilim 7- Guizmila
Trillia Midwell's trail
Bookworm Bwikki's trail
All locations that the Caffeinated Skritt could appear.
Legend: (x): Random Occurence (+): Spread throughout the surrounding My preferred map order: 1: Brisban (Gallowfields WP) 2: Kessex Hills (Cereboth WP) 3: Gendarran (Icegate WP) 4: Harathi (Demetra WP) 5: Lornar's (Icedevil's WP) 6: Snowden (Exile WP) 7: Frostgorge (Arundon WP) 8: Fireheart (Rustbowl WP) 9: Iron Marches (Gladefall WP) 10: Diessa (Nolan WP) 11: Blazeridge (Behem WP) 12: Fields (Helliot Mine WP) 13: Dredgehaunt (Graupel WP) 14: Timberline (Thistlereed WP) 15: Maelstrom (Old Sledge WP) 16: Straits (Plinth Timberland WP) 17: Malchors (Pagga WP) 18: Cursed (Jofast WP) Waypoint Cost: ~30s Material Profit: ~12-15g
Brekkabek's trail
Crusader Michiele's trail
Poobadoo's trail
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