Devious Teesa's trail
2-Mult's trail
Permanent rich platinum ore
Prisoner 1141's trail. This guy sprints. Walking opposite to his direction would be a good idea.
Die Map wird für Erze und andere Sachen verwendet
Pour raids des vaines de cuivre, fer mithril argent et or.
A map to get all 189 skill challenges across Tyria necessary for map completion. Legend Star-Communing/Other Skill Challenges Swords-Combat Skill Challenges Star+Sword-Guarded Communing
Yanonka The Rat-Wrangler's trail. Interact with suspicious rats.
Trillia Midwell's trail
Die Map wird für Erze und andere Sachen verwendet
Bookworm Bwikki's trail
Legend: (x): Random Occurence (+): Spread throughout the surrounding My preferred map order: 1: Brisban (Gallowfields WP) 2: Kessex Hills (Cereboth WP) 3: Gendarran (Icegate WP) 4: Harathi (Demetra WP) 5: Lornar's (Icedevil's WP) 6: Snowden (Exile WP) 7: Frostgorge (Arundon WP) 8: Fireheart (Rustbowl WP) 9: Iron Marches (Gladefall WP) 10: Diessa (Nolan WP) 11: Blazeridge (Behem WP) 12: Fields (Helliot Mine WP) 13: Dredgehaunt (Graupel WP) 14: Timberline (Thistlereed WP) 15: Maelstrom (Old Sledge WP) 16: Straits (Plinth Timberland WP) 17: Malchors (Pagga WP) 18: Cursed (Jofast WP) Waypoint Cost: ~30s Material Profit: ~12-15g
Half Baked Komali's trail
Poobadoo's trail
Crusader Michiele's trail
Brekkabek's trail
Work in progress
Big Mayana's possible spawn locations. interact with trees in the marked areas
Sotzz the Scallywag's possible spawn locations. Interact with suspicious barrels
Permanent rich platinum ore
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